Pet Portraits

I’ve had the joy of painting many beautiful pets, of all shapes and sizes. My hand-painted watercolour prints are a wonderful way to commemorate a beloved companion. Pet portraits also make great gifts, and there is nothing I like more than working on a unique portrait to surprise someone special in your life.

Please find below answers to some common questions, some testimonials from some wonderful clients, and a pricing guide.
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About Becca Boyce pet portraits
I create watercolour paintings of your pets which are thoughtfully reproduced in print to make wonderful keepsakes for you and your family. My illustrations can be printed in a wide range of frame sizes to suit your home, and onto an array of other keepsakes, like mugs, phone cases and keyrings. 

Tell me more about the prints?
The smooth matte 200g paper beautifully reproduces the watercolour marks, and has been specifically selected to match the paper texture of my original illustration.
Your pet’s portrait will be printed using archival water based inks, making a museum worthy print that you’ll be able to cherish for eons, without any worries about weathering or fading.
All my paper is sourced from sustainable forests, and will be printed at one of my trusted professional printers closest to your home.

Will you paint my…….?
My speciality is pets with fluff and feathers! I adore painting long haired cats, fluffy dogs, and of course, chickens! Pets with textured hair and feathers really shine in my style.  I have also had the pleasure of painting your pet fish, geckos, turtles, mantises and more. No creature is too big or too small. The most important thing to me is that I can create a portrait that I’ll be both proud of, and I know you’ll love. 

Before accepting a pet portrait commission I’d like to take a peek at the photos of your fluffy or feather friend. I need to check that I’ll be able to work with the images you provide, and that your pet is a good fit for my style. As someone who has chased her chickens around the yard trying to get the right pose I know the struggle of capturing the perfect shot. When it comes to reference photos – more is more!  If you book a portrait with me I’ll be able to offer lots of guidance to help you capture great reference photos.

Sadly sometimes a pet has passed, and you only have a few photos to hand. Memorial portraits are a wonderful way to cherish your departed pet, and I’d be honoured to find a way to work on a portrait for you. Some of my favourite portraits have started with a blurry dark photo, so I know I can work magic to bring your pet’s portrait to life. Please kindly send the photos you have and I’ll be able to advise.

Can I add flowers? How about their favourite toy?
I love making the painting extra special with these personalised touches. Extra elements have a bespoke pricing and can be added either at the time of booking, or as an add-on later.

What can I get made?
I have great relationships with a variety of manufacturers. We can go beyond the basics and make mugs, apparel and phone cases in a variety of styles.
A yoga mat printed with your snakes, a baseball tee with your puppy, a wine cooler with your cats? Yes! I love creating new products so if you have an idea let me know. Let’s make it happen!

Pricing Guide

Pricing is tailored to each project, as each portrait is as unique as your pet. My pricing is split into two parts, the commission fee, and the print fee.

Commission Fee Examples:

  • Dogs and Cats = £120
  • Rabbits and Chickens = £80
  • Bespoke extras = priced individually

Print Fee Examples:*

  • 8” x 10” art print = £15
  • 12” x 16” art print = £25
  • 18” x 24” art print = £35
  • 24” x 32” art print = £45
  • T-Shirt = £25
  • Sweatshirt = £45
  • Phone Case = £20
  • Mug = £14
A watercolour illustration of a long haired siberian cat by Becca Boyce

Can you give some pricing examples?

  • Portrait of a dog (£120), printed 18 x 24 inches (£35) = £155
  • Portrait of a chicken (£80), printed on a phone case (£20) and a coffee mug (£14) = £114
  • Portrait of a dog (£120) and cat (£120), printed 12 x 16 (30 x 40) £25, = £265
  • Portrait of three rabbits (£80 x 3), with flowers (£40), printed 18” x 24” (£35) and a mug (£14) = £329

These prices are a guide, and can be nudged by a number of factors. The price to paint and print your pet will be confirmed before booking.
My commission fee is paid at the time of booking, and this guarantees your spot. Printing fees can be paid on completion of your pets portrait.

*Please note that where you are in the world might effect product prices and postage costs. Where possible, I try to work with local manufacturers to reduce costs, our carbon footprint – and cut out those pesky customs fees and delays! 

A watercolour illustration of an andorian wooly sheep by Becca Boyce

How long does each portrait take?
After the initial consultation and sketch approval, each portrait takes about two weeks to complete. Delivery times depend on where you are in the world, and what we are making, and which postal service we choose. I will be able to provide an estimated timeline when you book.
If you’d like your print to arrive by a certain date, please let me know when you enquire and I’ll do my best to accommodate. 

Can I get multiple pets at once?
Of course! If I have room for a double, triple (or even quadruple!) booking I’d be honoured to capture more of your fluffy and feathered family. 
Please note it takes just as much time to paint two pets on the same page as two separate portraits, so expect to double the time and price estimate.

Can I use your painting in my farm logo?
My pet portraits are made for you and your family to enjoy, and are sold for Personal Use. If you want to use my artwork in your business, or make your own copies of my artwork you require a Commercial Use Licence.

I have worked with farms, small holdings, hobby breeders (as well as retailers, and big brands!) so I’m well equipped to create the artwork for your company, no matter the size. Commercial work is handled separately to pet portraits, so please email to make your enquiry.

Why do you have two different commission prices?
Capturing a dog’s smile and twinkle in their eyes takes a lengthier and more involved process, and the pricing reflects this. This spring I’m offering staggered pricing which allows chicken mums and bunny dads to bring home their pet’s portrait for less. 

Will my pet join the other fluff and feathered pets in your public portfolio?
I adore painting your pets and would love to proudly add them to my portfolio.  Some of the portraits are selected to join the other fluffy and feathered pets I sell in my shop as it’s a wonderful way to let other pet mums and dads know that I’m a pet portrait artist.
Your labrador might end up on a birthday card sending well wishes to someone across the globe, or your chicken might make some one smile as they drink their morning coffee. The pet parents I’ve worked with have loved the idea of a stranger half way across the world drinking out of a mug featuring their pet, however if have any concerns please mention them when you enquire. 

I want this to be a surprise for my best friend/sister/husband etc, can you keep a secret?
It puts a big smile on my face knowing my artwork is being given as a surprise gift! If the painting is a surprise, let me know, and I’ll be sure to keep it secreted away. I won’t share any sneak peeks on my social media, or make it available in my online portfolio or shop until the recipient has opened their gift.

Step-by-Step: How we make your pet’s portrait

Enquiry: Send me a quick message, or fill out the form below to get added to my waitlist. There’s no obligation to book a portrait, however those on my waitlist will be notified first when I have availability.

Booking: When a spot opens up, I’ll be in touch. We’ll share photos of your pet and chat about your ideas to make sure we are a good fit for each other. I’ll confirm your pet’s portrait price and start date, and your booking will be confirmed on receipt of the commission fee.

Sketch: Before I start the final painting, I will share a sketch with you. This is especially important if your request includes multiple pets, bespoke additions like flowers, or entails combining many reference photos together. We can do multiple sketches to make sure your pet is in a pose you like, showing off their very best features.

Painting: Once the sketch is approved I will begin the final painting – I’ll be excited to share it with you too! However please allow two weeks before the portrait is ready, I take the necessary time to pour lots of love and attention into your pets portrait. 

Review: My favourite part, I share the portrait with you! I’ll have done my best to capture your pet in paint, but I know you know them best. Eyes need to be a little browner? Collar a little pinker? Let me know and I’ll happily make these small adjustments. This is also an opportunity to book in additional painted elements, like flowers, greenery or their favourite toy.

Printing: Now the extra fun bit – picking out what keepsakes to print with your pet’s portrait! Your prints will be made once your payment is received, and then they’ll be posted directly to your home. 

Celebrate! Enjoy having your wonderful pet’s portrait in your home! You are welcome to get back in touch any time to request additional prints or keepsakes.

Some of the wonderful keepsakes we can make

Would you like to know more? Please kindly fill out this short form to enquire

We love the painting Becca made of our dog Winston. Her unique style captured his personality and we get so many compliments on our framed print from guests! She was really easy to work with and asked us lots of questions to ensure we got the perfect painting!“ – Matthew C

“We absolutely love our painting of Mila by Becca.  The painting is so detailed and looks exactly like her.  Becca really captured Mila’s personality in her painting too!” – Jessica C

“I came across Becca’s art after looking online for some who does “unique/different” pet portraits. I didn’t want your typical painted portrait (after all, I was looking for portraits of my chickens lol). After coming across one of her silkie chicken portraits on society6, I knew I needed to find her on Instagram and message her. Right away she was so incredibly kind and open to hearing exactly what I was looking for, while also sharing her ideas and suggestions.
I sent a crazy amount of pictures of each of my 5 girls to her and she picked small details from each picture to paint them. She nailed each of their personalities without even personally knowing them. The amount of thought, time, detail and effort she put into each portrait is unbelievable. I truly cannot say enough great things about how beautiful her work is and just how sincere of a person she is!“ – Jessica D

I came across Becca’s work and was immediately obsessed! I contacted her about possibly painting a portrait of my Polish Hen Mable Gable (she is a super special chicken around these parts), and she very quickly began working on the project. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! Becca is so talented, courteous, efficient, detailed, professional, the list goes on. I would 20/10 recommend her to ANYONE! The entire experience was amazing from beginning to end. I think I may have even gained a new friend in her! 😆💕 thank you so much Becca! 🥰 – Karly G